How to install Multi-Surface Shampoo System

Learn how to install the Multi-Surface Shampoo System


Use the MSSS for shampooing your carpets and cleaning your hard surface floors. First, remove the Power Nozzle, then remove the outer bag. Lift and remove the waste tray from the MSSS and set aside for now. The carpet brush roll must be used when shampooing carpet. Insert the baffle strip if necessary with the flat side facing the brush roll. Press the toe-touch control bottom pedal all of the way down to raise the front of the unit. Once that’s down, connect the hooks on the rear of the MSSS to the attaching bar. Push the MSSS up against the unit and turn the Accessory Lock clockwise to lock in place. Turn the nozzle belt lifter clockwise until green arrows line up, and lower the headlight hood. Lastly, insert the waste tray.