How to install and use the Turbo Accessory

How to install and use the turbo accessory.


The Turbo Accessory can be used as a sander, polisher, or for scrubbing. It is used with the hose on the front of the unit and the Kirby system in neutral. First, assemble the turbo sander and unsnap the sander dust shroud and lift it off. Then, rotate the clamp levers up on the side of the turbo accessory, slide a sheet of sandpaper into the front clap, and lock the lever. Tightly wrap the sandpaper around the bottom of the turbo accessory and tuck the end into the rear clamp and lock. On a level surface, reattach the sander dust shroud with the opening to the back, and insert the hose. Hold the turbo accessory at the top and bottom and turn your Kirby on. Then turn the turbo accessory on.