How to mix carpet shampoo?

Use the cap on your Multi-Surface Shampoo System to accurately measure your carpet shampoo

How-To Mix Kirby Carpet Shampoo

The Shampoo Tank should be filled with warm water (not hot) according to the chart below.




1st Line on Shampoo Tank 

1 Capful 


2nd Line on Shampoo Tank 

2 Capfuls


3rd Line on Shampoo Tank 

3 Capfuls


One tankful of solution filled to the third line will clean a large carpet area about 10 x 12 feet in size (3x3.5m). 

Tips for Using Kirby Carpet Shampoo

  • Use the large cap from the top of the Shampoo Tank to measure Carpet Shampoo, not the cap from the shampoo bottle. Do not use more than the appropriate number of capfuls of shampoo as over foaming will occur. 
  • The first line on the tank is more for spot or area cleaning (not really a small room) 2nd line for area cleaning or heavy traffic area and 3rd line for a room.
  • Use only Kirby® cleaning solutions, such as Kirby® Carpet Shampoo, intended for use with this product. Failure to follow this warning could result in injury due to internal component damage.