Install tile & grout brushroll

Learn how to install the tile & grout brush roll


When you are converting your machine to clean tile & grout, you first need to remove the power nozzle, or head of the machine, and the outer bag (see page 22 of the owner manual). Then, remove the Waste Tray from the MSSS. Insert the Tile & Grout Brush Roll. Once the belt is on the appropriate brush roll, insert it back into the MSSS. Push up on the belt with your finger and turn the belt lifter handle counterclockwise until the red arrows line up. Raise the unit by pressing all the way down on the toe-touch pedal. Then, connect the hooks on the back of the MSSS to the attaching bar. Push the MSSS up against the unit and turn the Accessory Lock clockwise, and turn the belt lifter clockwise until the green arrows line up. Lower the hood and put on the waste tray.