What is the Kirby Lifetime Factory Rebuild Program?

Have your Kirby system rebuilt to "like new" condition.

Kirby Lifetime Factory Rebuild Program

As the registered owner, you may elect to use the Lifetime Factory Rebuild program to have your Kirby system rebuilt to “like new” condition by our specially trained Rebuild Department. This is our commitment to you, a loyal Kirby customer, and it will last for as long as your own your Kirby Home Cleaning System.

Our team will completely disassemble your Kirby, clean, repair, or replace any parts then sandblast, polish, and buff metal parts back to a shiny new appearance. It doesn’t stop there; the inside of your machine is thoroughly inspected and repaired with replacement parts so your system will perform at its highest level for years to come. Once the inspection and replacement process is complete, your Kirby is tested to the same standards required as when it was first manufactured.